Everyday is Spatial

Immersive Audio Conference - University of Gloucestershire

June 16th / 17th 2022

See Programme for available sessions

Everyday is Spatial’ will feature 30 + presentations and performances of work exploring the boundaries of spatial audio practice in the everyday use of artists and creators. Participants from institutions and organisations across Europe will feature in the 4 dedicated spatial sound rooms at the conference. Presentation and conversation will unpack current practice along with networking for academic and industry outcomes. Please see programme for details.

d&b audiotechnik to bring 'Soundscape'

d&b audiotechnik have partnered with the University of Gloucestershire to bring d&b Soundscape for the conference. The d&b object-based spatial audio system powered by the DS100 signal engine offers accurate placement within stage-based systems and room emulation for reverberation signatures. d&b Soundscape will be used to provide a dedicated space for performance-based works.


Programme details

The primary conference day is Thursday June the 16th with morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. Friday 17th will feature playback sessions and presentations with an evening event from 'Immersive Fields.

Thursday 16th Conference (fully registered)

Thursday 16th Evening - Spatial Live Performances

Friday 17th Conference

Friday 17th Evening ' Immersive Fields'

Please check the programme page for current details

'Immersive Fields' - event curators to host Friday 17th

'Immersive Fields' spatial audio festival is event curator John Best & sound designer David Sheppard are set to host the Friday 17th June evening event at UoG. Their work to date with d&b Soundscape has spanned the recent Stroud based festival and will also be touring as part of the Unboxed festival through May/ June.

Confirmed Participants

Participant list can be found here. Academics, artists, and industry make up a diverse list of practitioners from the UK and Europe representing education institutions and audio organisations.

Technical Facilities

Room 1: 22.2 Sound Array - Ambisonic 3HOA / Multichannel options

Room 2: 7.1.4 Surround and DOLBY ATMOS compatible

Room 3: 30 x Binaural playback

Room 4: 18.2 d&b Soundscape'

22.2 Genelec Sound Array

7.1.4 Dolby Atmos & Surround

Binaural playback

d&b Soundscape @Nailsworth

Publication outcomes

The conference publication outcomes are currently being confirmed with Routledge / Focal Press who have expressed interest in an edited edition of 'Every Day is Spatial'. A guest-edited edition of The International Journal of Creative Media Research is planned for early 2023 featuring selected conference outcomes.

Venue: Park Campus - Cheltenham

EiS will take place at the University of Gloucestershire's Park Campus in Cheltenham. 5 dedicated rooms will host the conference along with delegate spaces and catering. Accommdation options and recommendations are available.

University of Gloucestershire

Park Campus

The Park


GL50 2RH

Further information & questions

Contact: Tim Land