Everyday is Spatial 2:

Spatial Audio Conference

University of Gloucestershire

June 15th/16th 2023

Call for Works 2023

Everyday is Spatial’ (EiS) is an event designed to encourage and explore creativity in the making of audio and immersive experiences. The presentation and discussion of works will enable practitioners to reveal the potentials, challenges, and uses for how spatial audio will define the everyday audio experience. 

EiS ran for the first time in June 2022 presenting a diverse range of practices all centered around applications of spatial audio.  With 30+ presentations, performances, and installations from an international submission list, it established the need and demand for practitioners and academics to share their research and interest in this evolving field.  

Production technologies are becoming increasingly available for a range of practitioners working across a variety of specialisms and sectors, allowing audio production to go beyond purely technological considerations by harnessing the creative affordances of the spatial paradigm. 

At a time when hearing and listening are enabling us to investigate and understand our place in a changing world, the challenge is to populate and define this new immersive ‘soundscape’, by considering how ideas, concepts, and practices are facilitating new modes of auditory experience.  

For the 2023 'Everyday is Spatial' conference, we invite all practitioners working in this medium to share work, ideas, and experiences to generate discussion and debate.  

22.2 Soundlab

Conference Themes

The conference aims to address the following themes: 

However, we are interested in a broad range of creative contexts where spatial audio is a critical factor, and we welcome considerations of how it might be enabling your practice and research in a variety of ways.  

Published outputs from EiS 2022 are forthcoming via Routledge and the International Journal of Creative Media Practice, and we anticipate similar outcomes for EiS 2023. 

Submission Details

The deadline to submit proposals is 20th February 2023

The proposals can be for presentations of works in the following format:

* Spatial audio works  (20 mins max)

* Spatial audiovisual works (20mins max) 

* Spatial audio presentations (10 mins + 10 mins for questions)

* Individual Papers (10 mins + 10 mins for questions).

* Group Sessions (90 Minutes) based around a topic and involving three or four contributors.

time shown as maximum 

* Deadline for submission: 27th Feb 23

* Notification of acceptance: 10th March 23

Please use the submission template to help complete your proposal

Submit works, abstracts, proposals to uogimmersiveaudio@gmail.com

Further info: tland@glos.ac.uk


 Technical Facilities

Room 1: 22.2 Sound Array - Ambisonic 3HOA / Multichannel options 

Room 2: 7.1.4 ATMOS (Dubbing Theatre)

Room 3: 7.2.4 Multichannel / ATMOS (Blackbox with AV options) 

Room 4: x 30+ Binaural playback

Room 5:  HTC Vive / Oculus Quest 2

Software available:


Software installs and configuration requests can be made.

 Venue: Park Campus - Cheltenham

University of Gloucestershire

Park Campus

The Park


GL50 2RH

Further information & questions

Contact: Tim Land